21 Apps That Teach Kids Real-Life Skills

With the boom in educational apps for kids, you may have already found great apps for the subjects your kids are studying in school -- like math, writing, and science. But there's so much more that kids can learn with mobile apps, including some skills that may surprise you. We found 21 fantastic apps that can help your kid with everything from managing money to handling stress.


Emotional Skills: Academic skills often take center stage when we talk about kids and learning, but part of developing the whole child is helping kids learn emotional skills. Kids can learn about handling stress, empathy, self-awareness, and overcoming obstacles with apps.

Try: Calm Counter (age 5) iDiary for Kids (age 7) Surviving High School (age 12)


Responsibility and Ethics: Having a strong sense of responsibility and sound ethics will help kids as they navigate their school community, as well as interact with others in the world. Apps can help kids focus on making wise decisions, honoring the community, and learning from consequences.

Try: Builda the Re-Bicycler (age 5) The Oregon Trail (age 9)


Collaboration: The group projects your kids do in school help prepare them for the kind of collaboration they'll be involved in as they move through college and into their careers. Apps can help them learn to collaborate with others, too.

Try: Faces iMake - Right Brain Creativity (age 5) Rory's Story Cubes (age 7) Project Noah (age 10)

Thinking and Reasoning: Puzzle games frequently focus on thinking and reasoning skills, but so do apps in other genres. These apps can help kids learn problem solving, decision making, making predictions, and thinking critically.

Try:Alien Assignment (age 5)     World of Goo (age 8)   The Room (age 11)

Managing Money and Other Resources: Whether it's birthday money, an allowance, or income from an after-school job, some kids have money to manage from an early age. It's never too early for kids to think about financial concepts. Many apps give kids an opportunity to manage virtual cash and resources.

Try: Dinorama (age 7) Savings Spree (age 7) 


Self-Direction: Having strong self-direction skills can empower kids and make them more self-aware. Apps can help with goal-setting, personal growth, time management, and working efficiently.

Try: Live (age 10) Evernote (age 13)

Animation: Animation is just one way that apps can help kids unleash their creativity. Kids can use these apps to explore digital creation.

Try: Toontastic (age 6) Animate It! (age 10)


How to Draw: Whether kids are beginners learning basics or skilled artists looking to hone their craft, they can use apps to learn and create.

Try: How to Draw - Full Version (age 6)

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