Parent Handbook


Committed to excellence and high expectations for the Lewis and Clark community.


The mission of Lewis and Clark Elementary is to foster a community of life-long learners within a safe and nurturing environment.


Dear Parents and Students:


Welcome to Lewis & Clark Elementary School.  We have prepared this handbook for your convenience and to encourage better understanding among the school, parents, and students. 


Our school is focused on improvement, as we provide a safe, orderly environment, where every child meets high expectations.     


On behalf of the faculty and staff, I would like to extend an invitation to you to visit our school and become an active member of our school family.  It is our privilege to have you and your child or children at Lewis & Clark Elementary School.





Scott Griffith




737 South Garnett Road

Tulsa, Oklahoma 74128


School Motto:   Exploring New Territory

School Colors: Blue and Gold


School office hours are from 7:30 A.M. – 3:30 P.M.


Lewis & Clark Main Office – 746-9540

Health Clinic – 746-9559

Fax – 918 746-9575

Bus Questions and Concerns - 833-8100

Tulsa Public Schools Website:



Excellence and High Expectations with a Commitment to All.



Ø Each student will meet or exceed state and national standards by demonstrating mastery of a comprehensive curriculum.

Ø We will maintain a safe, threat-free environment that encourages mutual respect and caring among students and adults.

Ø We will acknowledge cultural diversity, individual uniqueness and worth.

Ø We will secure and maintain community involvement and partnerships.

Ø We will improve student learning through parental involvement.

Ø We will demonstrate research-based practices in the areas of technology, instructional strategies, classroom management, and curriculum development.




2017-2018 SCHOOL YEAR






                Date this notice is sent out:          Thursday, September 17, 2017


                TPS Building/School:                    Lewis & Clark Elementary


ALL TULSA PUBLIC SCHOOL BUILDINGS have been inspected for asbestos-containing materials in accordance with E.P.A. mandates on or before October 12, 1989, by licensed and accredited inspectors.


Results of inspections, samples and subsequent analysis are available for your review in the ASBESTOS MANAGEMENT PLAN on file in this building and Tulsa Public Schools’ Maintenance Center, 1555 N. 77th E. Avenue, Tulsa, Oklahoma.



Maintenance Center

1555 N. 77th E. Ave

Tulsa, OK 74115

Phone: (918) 833-8006


Tulsa School Calendar


First Quarter  - August 21, 2017 - October 16, 2017

Second Quarter  - October 17, 2017 – December 20, 2017

Third Quarter  - January 3, 2018 – March 13, 2018

Fourth Quarter  - March 14, 2018- May 24, 2018




·     Labor Day - September 4, 2017

·     Fall Break- Oct 19 & 20, 2017

·     Fall Parent Teacher Conference - October 18, 2017

·     Thanksgiving - November 22-24, 2017

·     Winter Break - December 21, 2017 – January 3, 2018

·     Martin Luther King Day - January 15, 2018

·     Presidents' Day - February 19, 2018

·     Spring Parent/Teacher Conference Day – March 16, 2018

·     Spring Break - March 19-23, 2018



This calendar includes 5 snow days.





TPS Enrollment Center 

2819 S. New Haven Ave., Tulsa, OK  74114


8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Monday to Friday


The Enrollment Center provides services for Student Records, Affidavits, Out of District Transfers, and Student Enrollments.


To enroll your child you will need:

·         Proof of address in the Lewis & Clark boundaries

-          Current utility bill (gas, water, electric)

-          Current letter from DHS or other government agency with your address

-          Current lease agreement

-          Bundled cable/phone service bill reflecting service address

-          Cut-off or late notices are not accepted

·         Birth Certificate

·         Current Immunization record

·         A valid government issued photo ID (parent/guardian must be present to enroll child)

·         Student must be five (5) by September 1, of the school year to enroll in Kindergarten.




·         For the benefit of your child’s education we strongly encourage daily attendance at school.

·         If your child cannot come to school you need to report the absence and the reason for the absence to the school before 9:00 AM.  Please call (918) 746-9540.

·         Students who have ten (10) consecutive absences will be withdrawn from school.  If the student returns to school, a parent/guardian must accompany the student and re-enroll them with current proof of residency and parent/guardian photo ID.

·         Students who have been suspended are withdrawn from school, a parent/guardian must accompany the student to re-enroll the student along with current proof of residency and parent/guardian photo ID.



·         Please contact your child’s teacher to arrange for make-up work.

·         Make-up work will not be given for unexcused absences.




·         School hours are 7:45 AM through 2:50 PM.

·         Students are considered tardy after 7:45 AM.  Teachers will record tardies in the classroom until 8:00 AM.  Students arriving after 8:00 AM must get a tardy slip from the office before being admitted to class.

·         Early Arrivals – Student should not arrive at the school before 7:30 AM.  Supervision is not available for student arriving before that time. 

·         After school, children need to be picked up at 2:50 PM.  If you know you will be late picking up your child please contact the office at 918-746-9540.




·         Students who are picked up before the end of the school day (2:50 PM) must be signed out from the office.  No students will be released from their classroom.  You must bring current photo identification.  Students will only be released to the people indicated by parent/guardian on their enrollment/emergency form.

·         Any student needing to leave school early must be picked up before 2:30 p.m.  After that time, students will be dismissed in their usual manner and will not be called to the office to meet a parent/guardian.  Parents needing to pick up students early must do so before 2:30 p.m.  (If you must pick up your child early, please do so before 2:30 PM.  After 2:30 you will be asked to wait for the regular release time of 2:50 PM.)

·         Early pick-up should not become a regular practice.  Your child misses valuable class instruction and does not receive full educational benefit if you pick him/her up early.

·         Car riders will exit the building to the north parking lot from the east doors.  Bus riders to Sierra Point Apartments and S. 121st East Ave/14th Street exit the building from the north/front of the building on Garnett Rd.  Walkers who need to cross Garnett Rd. will exit the front of the building where a crossing guard will escort them across the street.   If you have an emergency situation and you are going to be late picking up your child please call the school, 918-746-9540.

·         Parents: Please do not enter the hallways or go to your child’s room.





The Parent-Teacher Association is a valuable asset to the school and community.  It provides a way for parents and teachers to communicate about the school and school programs.  All parents and teachers are encouraged to join the PTA and become involved.  If you would like to join PTA please stop by the school office and pick up an application. 




·         If you would like to be a classroom or school volunteer, please pick up an application form from the school office.







At Lewis & Clark the following precautions are part of our Safe School Plan:


· All Parents, guardians, visitors to the school must check in with the front office before entering the building (parents may walk their student(s) to class in the morning and then must exit the building by 7:45 AM).  All visitors will be given an approved Visitor Badge which must be worn in a visible place while in the building.

· Only persons authorized by the parent/guardian and indicated on the enrollment/emergency form may pick up students from school.  Please be sure to inform the office of any changes that may occur during the school year.  Any pick up changes for your child/children must be made in the office in person.  Changes will not be taken over the phone.




·         Tulsa Public Schools policy does not allow for weapons, drugs or ANY tobacco products to be on the school grounds at ANY time.

·         USE OF TOBACCO PRODUCTS IS PROHIBITED ON SCHOOL GROUNDS and at ANY school functions at all times.





·         Breakfast is served at 7:30 AM in the classroom. 


·         The breakfast and lunch program at Lewis & Clark is free to all students.

   Monthly breakfast and lunch menus are available on the Tulsa Public Schools website.




·         Student Council  

·         Safety Patrol

·         Girl/Boy Scouts




·         Progress reports for students in grades 1-6 are sent home mid-point of each nine week quarter.

·         Report cards are issued every nine weeks and show academic progress, social attitudes and study habits.

Grading System

E – Excellent Work A-Superior Work

N – Needs to Improve B- Good Work

S – Satisfactory C-Satisfactory Work

U – Unsatisfactory D- Below Quality Expected

   F - Unsatisfactory



Students will wear uniforms at all times.


·         Uniform colors:  pants – khaki or navy; collared polo or oxford shirts – white, blue or gold.  All shirts will be tucked in.

·         Pleated skirts, jumpers in khaki or navy.

·         All shoes are to be “closed toe.”  Socks, tights, belts and hair ties will be in solid colors to match uniforms.


·         Keep your hands and feet to yourself.

·         Fighting or play fighting is not allowed.  This includes karate kicking.

·         Stay inside the fenced areas.

·         No name calling or use of profanity.

·         Do not throw rocks, sand, toys or gravel.

·         Restroom breaks should be taken before going out to the playground.

·         No food is to be taken outside to the playground.


Students having problems on the playground should report the problem to the teachers on duty.

All district policies outlined in the Behavior Response Plan will be enforced on school property.



·         For the safety of your child, a permission slip must be signed for your child to attend the field trip.  Phone permission will not be accepted.

·         Your child’s behavior will determine his/her right to attend a field trip.

·         Class chaperones may not bring siblings or any other children on a field trip.

·         Chaperones may not use tobacco products on field trips.



·         Be respectful.

·         Be responsible.

·         Be safe.

·         Be prepared.

Lewis & Clark

Student Dismissal Guides


The Lewis and Clark dismissal procedure helps ensure students leave school in the custody of an authorized adult.

Safety and Security is the #1 priority during this congested part of the school day.


Every student has been assigned and provided with a Dismissal Number and card regardless of the method home.

 A “My Way Home” form must be filled out and returned to the office within the first week of attendance.

Car Riders

Every family has been assigned dismissal numbers, and given two dismissal cards. 


o   One of these cards should be taped to the passenger side of the windshield.

 Guardians picking up students by car have two options.

o   Option 1:  Guardian drives through line while number is called by a staff member.  Student will then be loaded into car by a staff member.

o   Option 2: Guardian may park in a designated parking space and walk to the tree by the dismissal gate with the Dismissal Card in hand; student’s number will then be called.

The Dismissal Card MUST be present in order to pick up a student with this method.

Guardians driving through the line must stay in their vehicle.

o   If you must get out of your vehicle, you must park in a designated parking place and walk to the tree.

For staff and student safety, guardians must stay clear of the gate and be aware of oncoming traffic.

To pick up additional students who are not your immediate family, guardian MUST have the dismissal card of the student they are picking up, AND be listed as an approved person to pick up that student.

Students will NOT be walked across the lot to parked vehicles by staff members.

Students are not to be picked up in the West Parking Lot / Bus Loop.


Students who walk across Garnett Rd. will be assisted by staff members and a crossing guard.

Guardians of students who cross Garnett Rd. are to wait ONLY across the street for their student.

Bus Riders

Students may ride the bus as long as it is identified on the My Way Home form as a method of transportation.  Students may not decide daily how they will get home.  Please take time to fill out the My Way Home form accurately, as this WILL determine how we allow your child to leave the building.





The school offers the following services through the health clinic:

·         Vision and Hearing screenings in kindergarten, first and third grade or by written request.

·          Scoliosis screening for fifth grade with written permission.

·         Immunizations given by the R.N. by appointment only – the parent MUST be present.




Lice screenings are done after every major school break and when lice are found in a class.


A child must be free of lice before he/she may return to school.  A parent must accompany the child to school to be checked in the nurse’s clinic and must be cleared before returning to class.




Parents must come to school to fill out a medication form BEFORE ANY medication may be administered at school.  This is a district policy.

·         Prescription drugs must be in original container.

·         Non-prescription drugs must be in the original container and the directions must say the medication is appropriate for the age of the child.

·         This policy includes ALL medicines including aspirin and cough drops.

·         Students may NOT carry medication on their person.




·         Pink Eye

·         Fever of 100 degrees or above.  A student must be fever free for twenty-four hours before he/she may return to school.

·         Unknown rash

·         Vomiting

·         Diarrhea

·         Head Lice

·         Chicken Pox

·         Ringworm –must be under treatment and covered at all times to remain in school.

·         Scabies



If your child has a special medical condition or is currently under medical treatment, please be sure the nurse has a copy of the doctor’s recommendations on file.  This is for the safety of your child.



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