Lewis and Clark Elementary School Uniform Policy 

    • SHIRTS:​​​ Blue, white, or yellow oxford or polo shirts.


      -   A polo shirt is defined as a shirt with two or three buttons, with a collar

      -   Undershirts will be allowed ONLY if they are plain white. (No stripes or Logos)

      -   Undershirts must be shorter than the uniform shirt

      -   Shirts containing ANY writing may not be worn (aside for school logo)

      -   A designated white/navy blue oxford uniform shirt with skirt and/or jumper is an optional uniform choice


      PANTS: Navy, or khaki slacks/shorts/skirts cotton material. ​


      -   Pants, shorts and skirts must be properly fitted (not oversized, should be no larger than one size up) Waistbands are to be fitted to the waist, as pants and shorts will not be allowed to sag

      -   Cargo, denim (jean material, no stitching around the pocket), fringed hem, stretch or wind-pants are not acceptable for uniforms. (No stripes or Logos allowed) Pants must be hemmed

      -   Pants must not flare at the bottoms to an unsafe width


       JACKET: Navy or white.​​​​


          - No sweatshirts/jackets in classrooms must be placed in locker 

          - No logos 


           - All shoes are to be "closed toe"

    •  BELT:

          - Solid black or brown with no decorations

    • ​Fridays   

    • ​​On Fridays, school appropriate jeans (no sagging or holes) may be worn with a Lewis & Clark t-shirt or uniform shirt.




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