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Welcome to Lewis and Clark!

Lewis and Clark is committed to the development of the Whole Child by supporting the minds, emotions, and talents of our diverse community. The Lewis and Clark community is empowered to lead through diverse academic and life experiences.


We are proud to announce that we have recently joined with the Transfund Department of the Bank of Oklahoma through Partners in Education, which will provide resources for teachers, staff and students. One of our strongest community partners, Church on the Move, supports our students through mentorship in our Lunch Buddies and Reading Partners programs. Whether they are tutoring a child or cheering them on when they walk into class, these volunteers give our students the opportunity to form relationships and develop trust as they practice their reading and social skills. Church on the Move has also graciously updated our student resource closet so we can provide uniforms and backpacks. Garnett Road Baptist Church also supports our students and staff in a powerful way! Church members visit our after school clubs like Cross Country, Bike Club, Basketball, Soccer or SPARK SQUAD (cheer and dance) to provide snacks and connect with our students.


Our teachers meet weekly to monitor students’ progress, and identify and celebrate when students are making gains! We also meet with students regularly in small group settings to identify where they may need extra help and how they can master the skills necessary for advancement. L&C teachers collaborate frequently to share what’s working in their classrooms, as well as identify new ways to engage their students. Our educators plan and practice teaching strategies that are specific to Reading and Math content areas. Teachers also focus on diversity and making strides to ensure equity and inclusion in the classroom. We have a strong emphasis on student engagement strategies, and we consistently show an increase in student achievement!

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Lewis & Clark Elementary

737 South Garnett Road
Tulsa, Ok 74128
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Phone: 918-746-9540

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We love to see families get involved with their students’ learning! Lewis and Clark hosts multiple Parent Nights each year where families can participate in activities such as making crafts, playing brain games or reading books together. Our school also presents guest speakers throughout the year to share resources about parenting and raising powerful children.