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Pick Up

The Lewis and Clark dismissal procedure helps ensure students leave school in the custody of an authorized adult. Safety and Security is the #1 priority during this congested part of the school day.

Every student has been assigned and provided with a Dismissal Number and card regardless of the method home.  A “My Way Home” form must be filled out and returned to the office within the first week of attendance.

Car Riders

Car riders will exit the building to the north parking lot from the east doors.

Every family has been assigned dismissal numbers, and given two dismissal cards. Keep these cards.  

  • One of these cards should be taped to the passenger side of the windshield.
  • Guardians picking up students by car have two options. 

Option 1:  Guardian drives through line while number is called by a staff member.  Student will then be loaded into car by a staff member.

Option 2: Guardian may park in a designated parking space and walk to the tree by the dismissal gate with the Dismissal Card in hand; student’s number will then be called. The Dismissal Card MUST be present in order to pick up a student with this method.

If you have an emergency situation and you are going to be late picking up your child please call the school, 918-746-9540.

Guardians driving through the line must stay in their vehicle. If you must get out of your vehicle, you must park in a designated parking place and walk to the tree. For staff and student safety, guardians must stay clear of the gate and be aware of oncoming traffic.

To pick up additional students who are not your immediate family, guardian MUST have the dismissal card of the student they are picking up, AND be listed as an approved person to pick up that student.

Students will NOT be walked across the lot to parked vehicles by staff members. Students are not to be picked up in the West Parking Lot / Bus Loop.


Students who walk across Garnett Rd. will be assisted by staff members and a crossing guard.  Walkers who need to cross Garnett Rd. will exit the front of the building where a crossing guard will escort them across the street. Guardians of students who cross Garnett Rd. are to wait ONLY across the street for their student.

Bus Riders

Students may ride the bus as long as it is identified on the My Way Home form as a method of transportation.  Students may not decide daily how they will get home.  Please take time to fill out the My Way Home form accurately, as this WILL determine how we allow your child to leave the building.

Bus riders to Sierra Point Apartments and S. 121st East Ave/14th Street exit the building from the north/front of the building on Garnett Rd.   

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